Artist, Jorge Yances

Artist, Jorge Yances

Award winning artist Jorge A. Yances was born in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, and educated in the United States. He was labeled a creative prodigy by art aficionados at a very early age. During his teenage years he fine-tuned his creative expression using a variety of techniques and finishes.

Yances studied under several well-known Nashville artists during the early years of his career. During that time he expanded his artistic repertoire to include woodcarving and Plexiglas etchings.

In 1974, Yances was given the medal of bronze by the Grumbacher Company, and around the same time he became the artist in residence at the Cruciana and Rosler Gallery in Orlando, Florida. Since then, Yances work has been on display and in demand throughout the United States, South America and Asia.

Yances has the unique ability to blend physical reality with what some people call fantasy, and the result is a vision of worlds that runs parallel to this one. These worlds meet in different settings in his meticulous work.

The marriage of mind over matter gives the viewer the opportunity to sense and feel more than one reality as they intermingle and come to life on the canvas. That ability has earned Yances a premier position in the Magical Realism Movement. Jorge has the uncanny ability to immerse objective thought into his unique subjective world. In that world the walls of one reality blend into the framework of other universes.