Nashville International Airport Mural - "Celebration"

Unveiling took place on April 18, 2018


            “Celebration” takes on special meaning as the city strikes a particular chord in the hearts of those who come here with visions beyond a place to visit, but as a destination.The welcome embraces and invites each viewer to awaken to the rhythm of our city; to come closer and see themselves reflected as a part of our story.

         Embedded within the vibrant colors and bold brush strokes of my Nashville series is the celebration of my own immigration to Music City from Cartagena, Colombia 52 years ago, and my 30 years as a citizen of the United States. The sense of happiness and inclusion I have experienced here is expressed through art in my Nashville series, and extended to the millions of travelers passing through Nashville International Airport, while embracing those returning “home” with the familiarity of images guaranteed to bring a smile.

         The distinctive Nashville images that initially draw the audience to the painting for a photo or selfie becomes, in close proximity and examination, a discovery of phantom spirits tucked away and peering out,  beckoning - a powerful signature element of my Realismo Mágico style. At first, almost subliminal, the growing awareness of these phantom figures slowly builds, enriching the viewer experience and urging us to a new perspective on our diverse city where songs unsung and stories untold still hang in the air, haunting the brick and mortar facades, the alleyways, and broad, neon-illuminated streets. 

         That is the magic of Nashville – bringing together and welcoming the many voices, songs, stories, cultures and perspectives that make our city unique. Welcome to Nashville!!